What Are Some Popular Science Bob Projects?


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Science Bob has lots of popular projects including Build a Soap Powered Model Boat, Make your own Rock Candy, Blobs in a Bottle, the ever-popular Make your own Volcano, and Make a Levitating Orb. There are other fun projects such as Make Plastic Milk, Make a Balloon Rocket, Try Some Lava in a Cup, two methods for How to Make Slime, and even a project to Build a Hovercraft You Can Ride.

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"Science Bob" Pflugfelder is a science teacher who teaches classes outside of Boston, Massachusetts, and offers projects and experiments online through his clear instructions and fun videos for science lovers worldwide. Science Bob's YouTube channel shows television clips of some of his experiments, such as setting Jimmy Kimmel on fire, exploding pumpkins, and vanishing water. His science experiments have been featured in People Magazine, Popular Science, Wired magazine and Disney's Family Fun. He has also appeared on the Dr. Oz Show and has worked on television and movie sets teaching science to young actors. He encourages parents to commit "Random Acts of Science" with his exciting experiments and projects. He also offers ideas, information and research help for science fair projects. Through ScienceBob.com, science projects, kits, books and science-related toys are available for purchase.

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