What Is the Most Popular Birth Month?


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Most babies are usually born in August, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The summer season in general is the top season for births in the United States.

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What Is the Most Popular Birth Month?
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In 2006, August had the most babies born just like it did in 10 out of the previous 16 years. June and July were the other months that claimed the top spot for baby births during those years. February often has the least, which is a pattern that was also seen in 2006.

Paul Sutton, a statistics demographer for the CDC, said that August usually has the most births because weather plays a huge role in the activities in which people engage. Sutton theorizes that when it is cold during the fall and winter months, couples spend a lot of time indoors keeping each other warm. Around nine months later, a summer baby is born, and that baby's birthday often falls in August.

Culture also plays a role. The University of Occupational and Environmental Health did a study on Japan to find out when most babies are born there. The results showed that a number of babies are born from December to February and from August to September. The researchers speculate that this increase in baby births during the winter months in Japan is linked to the large amount of springtime marriages in the country.

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