What Is Not a Polymer?


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If a substance is not a macromolecule that consists of many monomers, then it is not a polymer. When monomers link up to form long chains, it is called polymerization. A polymer can conceivably consist of thousands of monomers.

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Some examples of polymers are paraffin and polyethylene, which have the molecular formulas CH3(CH2CH2)10CH3 and CH3(CH2CH2)2000CH3, respectively. Paraffin is a wax that contains 22 carbon atoms, while polyethylene is a solid consisting of 4,002 carbon atoms. Some other examples of polymers are polysaccharides and proteins.

Monomers are usually small organic molecules that are able to link up with other similar types of molecules. Some examples of monomers are glucose and other simple sugars, ethylene, vinyl chloride, styrene and amino acid units.

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