What Does Pollution Do to People and the Environment?


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There is research indicating that air pollution is responsible for 2 million deaths around the world, according to The Huffington Post. In regards to the environment, Phys.org also notes that plastics are one of the prime polluters of the marine environment, as just about every product contains plastic. Furthermore, plastics from sewage plants, shipping facilities and oil and gas refineries dispense plastic byproducts into the ocean.

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What Does Pollution Do to People and the Environment?
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Phys.org notes that 28 million tonnes of plastic ended up in the ocean in 2012. The Huffington Post draws a link between environmental pollution and the toll on human health, revealing that ozone pollution causes 470,000 deaths annually. Ozone pollution occurs when air pollution from facilities, like automobile plants, interact with the atmosphere.

Web MD also highlights the effects of indoor air pollution on humans and the risk of contracting respiratory ailments, such as asthma and allergies. Cigarette smoke is also classified as a pollutant, with experts believing that 90 percent of lung cancer cases are traced to smoking. Smoking, along with second-hand smoke, increases a person's chances of succumbing to heart attacks and strokes. An article from USA Today mentions that air pollution can have an adverse effect on growing brains in children, causing such problems as autism and schizophrenia. Pregnant mothers living in a polluted environment can also have a negative effect on a child's health.

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