Which Plants Have Red Leaves?


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Plants with red leaves can range in color from a brilliant red to a deep burgundy, according to Shrubland Park Gardens. The Japanese maple, for example, has purple leaves that turn brilliant red in the fall. This small tree grows very well in a well-drained pot in the garden. The Japanese fern also makes an interesting display with a dark red stripe running down the center of its metallic-looking leaves.

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Several ornamental grasses feature reddish leaves or leaves that turn a deep wine red in the fall, according to Shrubland Park Gardens. African love grass, also known as weeping love grass, features narrow dark green leaves that transform to a warm wine red in the fall. The stems of elephant grass are wine red from the bottom, gradually turning to green. The splashy ornamental grass purpurascens showcases purple-tinged foliage that changes to an orange red in autumn.

Several varieties of sedum, also known as stonecrop, can add interest to a garden with burgundy colored leaves. The sedum Purple Emperor is arguably the best dark-burgundy-leaved sedum. The sedum Matrona is very drought tolerant and features dark green leaves that mature to a purplish green. The sedum Strawberries and Cream brings burgundy stems and burgundy-tinged leaves to the garden.

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