What Are Some Plants in the Ocean?

Some plants that live in the ocean are kelp, seaweed, seagrass and algae. Ocean plants need sunlight to grow, so all plants are close to the surface of the water.

Kelp, the largest ocean plant in the world, is usually brown and can grow up to 250 feet tall. Kelp can also be used to help treat goiters and obesity.

Seaweed is used in food items and as a filtration system in water. It is a component in herbal medicine to help dress wounds in foreign countries. Seaweed wraps are also used in baths and spa treatments. There are about 5,000 to 6,000 species of seaweed worldwide.

Seagrass is much more scarce than seaweed, with only about 55 species worldwide. Unlike seaweed, seagrass can produce flowers, fruits and seeds. It can also grow roots, leaves and stems. The most common kinds of seagrass are turtle, manatee and shoal grass.

Algae is either green, red, orange, brown, yellow or amber. Different types of algae can be made of a single cell or multiple cells. Algae can grow in all climates, in the desert and in the snow. It is important in the chain of life because it is often the first source of food from which animals and other plants feed.