What Are Some Plants to Identify in Texas?


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There are hundreds of plants to identify in Texas, including the ashe juniper, annual sunflower, beefsteak plant, big bluestem, blackjack oak, blue grama, blueberry juniper, bramble, buffalograss, castor bean, common milkweed and desert spike. Other identifiable Texan plants include desert baileya, elm, fall witchgrass, fragrant sumac and gumdrop tree.

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What Are Some Plants to Identify in Texas?
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The ashe juniper is identifiable by its bark, wood, leaf, flower and fruit. The wood is light brown and close-grained with a reddish-brown bark. The leaves of the juniper tree are a dark green color and are edged by tiny teeth. The tree has separate male and female cones or flowers. After reproduction, the tree produces a dark blue cone that resembles a berry.

The blackjack oak can be identified by its unique, leathery leaves. The leaves grow up to 7 inches long and their bottoms are hairy. The tree itself usually has a twisted, short appearance and produces acorns.

Fragrant sumac, another plant found in Texas, is a shrub. The easiest way to identify this plant is by the leaves and fruit. The leaves are grouped in an alternating pattern, with each leaf containing three leaflets. The tips of the leaflets are lobed and toothed. The berries are about 1/4-inch in diameter and are red and hairy.

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