What Are Some Plants That Grow on the Forest Floor?

Typical plants that are found on the forest floor include a variety of ferns, mangrove trees and vines such as the strangler fig. Plant growth opportunities are limited with little nutrients and light.

The forest floor is covered in a layer of decomposition known as detritus. This fertile ground cover is important for nourishing the plants that are capable of surviving in the dark under layer of a forest. As animals decompose along the forest floor, nutrients seep into the soil and help feed plants that would otherwise be malnourished.

Trees such as the mangrove are capable of surviving on the forest floor because of a unique root system that has adapted to the wet climate. The roots grow up the base of the tree to help provide the strength to keep the tree upright when the forest floor is flooded.

Forest floors are also home to many different types of edible roots, fungi, and tubers. These types of vegetation provide feeding grounds for a variety of insects and small animals. Ferns provide a broad coverage for small animals which may otherwise be threatened by predators while digging for food. The forest floor is dark and wet, but vegetation continues to play an integral part in the complete ecosystem of the forest.