Where Do Plants Grow Best?

Ideal conditions for a plant will vary by species. For example, the soggy soil that would kill a cactus is a must for bog-loving plants like Venus flytraps.

Some plants thrive in low light, while others require as much direct sun as possible to thrive. Proper plant care varies so much that some plants, such as Tillandsia air plants, don’t even need to be potted in soil in order to survive.

Determining ideal growing conditions for a plant should be done on a case-by-case basis. Plant owners should carefully research the exact name of their vegetative pets in order to find out exactly how to provide proper care. Everything from potting medium, potting container, light requirements, water requirements, temperature range and nutrient needs should be determined in order to figure out the best place to put a plant.

Even experienced gardeners with a broad knowledge of different plant types will want to research specific plant species before deciding on the best location and growing conditions for a plant. For instance, even though most cacti do poorly in low-light conditions, some species of cactus have adapted to grow in low-light conditions only and must be protected from the kind of bright light that would make most of their succulent relatives thrive.