How Do You Plant Daffodil Bulbs?


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Plant daffodil bulbs by choosing a suitable location, planting before the ground freezes and planting the bulbs to the right depth. Daffodils can thrive in a variety of locations throughout the United States and are hardy to the cold.

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How Do You Plant Daffodil Bulbs?
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Choose a planting site where the soil is well-drained. The bulbs need access to at least partial sunlight during their growing season. Daffodils can thrive in slightly alkaline to acidic soils as long as the soil is at least moderately fertile. Select daffodil bulbs that look plump and have no signs of being dried out. Purchase the bulbs two to four weeks before the ground freezes in the fall. This is the best time for planting.

Dig a deep hole for each of the bulbs. Dig the holes up to five times the length of each bulb. For colder climates, dig the holes a little deeper so that the bulbs can survive the winter. Sprinkle bulb fertilizer in each hole, and then place a bulb with its pointy end facing upright inside. Make sure to dig the holes at least 3 inches apart. Fill the holes with soil. When the bulbs start to grow during the spring, fertilize them after they flower.

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