What Is the Planet Venus Made Of?


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The planet Venus is made up of rocks. Its rocky surface appears to be the result of volcanic activity. The planet's low rocky plains make it very barren.

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Although Venus has many rocky surfaces, there are many elevated areas as well. These elevated areas are as high as those on Earth. However, they make up only a very small amount of the planet's entire surface area. The planet Venus is incapable of supporting human life; this is due not only to the harsh surface conditions but is also due to the severe atmospheric conditions. The planet's atmosphere is made up of mostly carbon dioxide and a small amount of nitrogen. The planet is also very hot, as it is hot enough to melt lead. In fact, when exploration spacecrafts were sent from Earth to investigate the planet, they were only capable of giving information for a few moments before being completely crushed and burnt. The weight of the planet's atmosphere is intense, and it has a weight that is 90 times that of planet Earth. This kind of pressure can be compared with being submerged under 3,000 feet of water. This pressure is more than enough to kill human beings, animals and plants.

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