Which Planet Other Than Earth Has Visible Water Ice on It?


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Besides Earth, Mars is the other planet that has visible water ice. By observation of THEMIS images provided by the Odyssey orbiter, scientists confirmed that the southern polar ice cap of Mars does contain water in the form of ice. The northern polar cap also has ice, and scientists believe that there also may be frozen water under the Martian surface.

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Although Mars and Earth may have certain differences, there are also some similarities between these two planets. For example, both have a rocky surface, exhibit topographical features like valleys, volcanoes and mountains, have comparable axial tilts and have seasons. The differences between these planets are their atmospheres, atmospheric pressures, time it takes to fully rotate on their axes, time it takes to revolve around the sun, surface temperatures and gravity. The length of a year on Earth is 365 days, while Mars has a year that is 587 Earth days long.

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