Where Are Some Places to Buy Ferric Chloride?


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As of 2015, ferric chloride is offered for sale in the online catalogues of a number of chemical supply companies, including Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing Corporation and Fisher Scientific. Amazon.com also offers solutions of ferric chloride that are formulated for etching circuit boards and other metals.

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In addition to aqueous solutions of various concentrations, ferric chloride is commonly available in two solid forms: anhydrous ferric chloride and ferric chloride hexahydrate. The prices for technical grade, laboratory grade and reagent grade ferric chloride vary significantly.

Before using ferric chloride, review the Material Safety Data Sheet for ferric chloride. MSDS forms provide information concerning health and safety hazards. The MSDS for ferric chloride is available online through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's CAMEO Chemicals database.

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