Where Do You Place a Honey Bee Trap?


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A honey bee trap that is intended to capture a swarm should be placed in an area with ample nectar and water. A trap that is designed to relocate a nest of honey bees can be placed near the nest.

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To encourage bees living in an inaccessible area, such as inside a stucco wall, to move into a trap, use a one-way removal trap. Place the trap directly over the bee's entrance, and close off all other entrances to the hive. After several months, the bees may be relocated in a traditional hive or transported to a beekeeper. Wooden traps are typically placed anywhere from ground level to 9 feet above the ground.

To capture a swarm of honey bees, choose a location that is near a natural body of water, such as a pond, and that offers plenty of flowering plants nearby. For instance, a field of clover with a stream nearby may be more attractive to bees than other areas. Place the trap about 8 to 9 feet above the ground to encourage new swarms to enter the trap.

If the swarm has already been identified, use the location of the bees as a guide to determine the placement of the trap. For instance, a swarm that is on the ground may enter a trap that is placed directly beside the swarm. It is also possible to pick up a clump of bees from the ground or a low-hanging branch and place them in the trap manually.

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