Why Are Pink Fairy Armadillos Endangered?


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There are a number of reasons that pink fairy armadillos are considered endangered, but chief among them is habitat destruction due to agriculture. Plowing for farmland destroys their burrows and leaves the surrounding ground uninhabitable.

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Predation by both wild and domestic animals is another reason these armadillos are considered endangered. As civilization spreads into their land, domestic animals, such as dogs and cats, prey upon pink fairy armadillos when they are forced out of their burrows due to farming or rainstorms. Wild boars have also been known to forage inside armadillo burrows.

Pesticides applied to crops also threaten pink fairy armadillos. The pesticides adhere to ants, the main food source of pink fairy armadillos. Consuming too many pesticide-coated ants can be harmful to pink fairy armadillos.

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