How Do Pineapples Grow?


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Pineapples grow on leafy plants on the ground in tropical environments or in artificially heated and lighted spaces. They are very hardy plants that do not take much work to grow. Pineapples can grow outdoors in beds or indoors in pots. The pineapple plant consists of leaves twisted around a stem. A healthy pineapple plant's leaves can grow to be 5 feet long.

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How Do Pineapples Grow?
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The pineapple fruit grows from the central stem of the plant. Unlike many flowering fruits, pineapples are not made from one single flower. They are formed from a bunch of different fruiting flowers that fuse together to create the one pineapple fruit that is topped with a sprouting of short green leaves.

Pineapple plants are also unique from other fruiting plants or trees in that they cannot be grown from seed. The only way that a pineapple plant can pollinate and produce a seed-bearing fruit is if different varieties are planted together and flower at the same time. Single varieties of pineapple plants are grown from the cut tops of picked fruit. The pineapple tops contain roots that take to the soil and produce new plants. A healthy plant continues to bear fruit. The side shoots and smaller plants that grow on a pineapple plant can also be replanted and grow mature pineapple plants.

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