What Are the Physical Parameters in the Investigation of a Simple Pendulum?


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The physical parameters in a simple pendulum experiment are a small-diameter bob and a string that has negligible mass, according to OpenStax College. The string should not be elastic, however.

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In setting up a simple pendulum investigation, an object with known mass is suspended from a pivot point in a way that it can swing from one end to another in a motion that creates an arc of a circle, according to McMurry University. The probe attempts to find out what factors among the mass of the pendulum bob, length of the string attached to the pendulum bob, and the amplitude determine the period of the pendulum’s oscillations. Each round of the experiment involves the varying of a single parameter as the rest are kept constant to determine the role of the varied component in working out the period of an oscillation.

Experiments prove that neither the mass of the pendulum bob nor the amplitude of the pendulum has a bearing on the period of oscillation of a simple pendulum. However, the length of the string does affect the period of oscillation. Application of a simple pendulum include simple amusement, clocks and a fishing line’s sinker, according to OpenStax College.

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