What Phylum Do Humans Belong To?

Tiffanie.J/CC-BY 2.0

Humans belong to the phylum Chordata. Humans are part of this phylum, because they have a notochord when they are in the womb; this notochord will eventually turn into a spinal cord.

Since the notochord in a human will eventually turn into a spinal cord that has vertebrae, humans are all classified into the subphylum Vertebrata. The vertebrata subphylum is made up of animals that have a spinal cord and have the coordinating vertebrae that are necessary for the spinal cord to be able to stand up in the body. Most vertebrae are used to protect the spinal cord from the elements.

The next level of classification for humans is the class of Mammalia, because humans are warm blooded, do not have feathers and have teeth. Mammals are also able to nurse their young. Humans have five fingers and toes on each hand and foot; they also have thumbs and flat fingernails; this puts them into the order of Primata. Monkeys and apes are also present in this order.

Humans belong to the genus called Homo, meaning “only.” Humans all belong to the species that is known as Sapiens. There was another type of species within the homo genus called Erectus, but that species is extinct.