Have Photos Been Taken of the Surface of Mars?


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Many photos have been taken of the surface of Mars. The first successful mission to take photographs of the Martian surface was the Mariner 4, a project launched in 1964 by the United States that sent back 21 images of the planet.

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Have Photos Been Taken of the Surface of Mars?
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The next successful mission, Mariner 6, returned 75 images of Mars. This contrasts with the Mariner 9 mission, which was launched in 1971 and sent back 7,329 images. The Phoenix Mars Lander, which was launched in 2007, sent back over 25 gigabits of data.

The Mars Orbiter Mission, launched in 2013, is equipped with the Mars Colour Camera, which sends back images of the planet's surface features. It was also designed to take images of the Martian satellites Phobos and Deimos.

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