Are There Any Philippine Plants That Have Scientific Names?

Some Philippine plants that have scientific names are rafflesia, orchid, zingiber and thelypterid. There are various species of these plants. Some species' scientific names are Hedychium philippinense, Chingia ferox, Rafflesia philippensis, and Phaius callosus.

One of the latest plant species found in the Philippines by international botanists is a hyperaccumulating plant, as reported by Sci-News in 2014. Found in Luzon Island, it has been given the scientific name Rinorea niccolifera. It has the capability to hyperaccumulate 18,000 ppm of nickel in its leaves, making it valuable for green technology development.

With a height of 1.5 to 1.8 m, Rinorea niccolifera can be found growing along sloping landscapes. This shrub's stem diameter is from 3 to 13 cm.