What Is Phenylmagnesium Bromide?


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Phenylmagnesium bromide, also known as bromophenylmagnesium, is an organometallic compound of magnesium. Its molechiular formula is C6H5MgBr, and its molar mass is 181.31 grams per mole. It is insoluble in water due to its reactivity, but it is soluble in organic solvents such as diethyl ether or tetrahydrofuran, or THF.

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Phenylmagnesium bromide is a solid, crystalline substance at standard temperature. Its density is 1.14 grams per cubic centimeter. It forms an adduct when dissolved in diethyl ether or THF. It is produced from the reaction of magnesium with bromobenzene, and it is classified as a hazardous substance due to its flammability and its volatility.

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