What Is Phase Seven of a System Development Life Cycle?


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The maintenance phase is the seventh phase in a system-development life cycle. During the maintenance phase, an information system is monitored for errors and bugs, and the appropriate fixes are implemented.

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The maintenance phase happens after the implementation phase. It involves continuous monitoring of the system to ensure it continues to function as expected. Patches are created to correct errors that were not caught during testing, and other improvements are made to prevent the system from becoming obsolete.

During the maintenance phase, changes and updates are regularly made to the system, and emergency changes are made if necessary. Changes need to be documented and approved in accordance with established procedures that are set in advance by management. This procedure allows anyone who makes changes in the future to see edits and updates that occurred after the system was released. Changes need to be tested before being installed and released to the end users.

During this phase, the system is continually evaluated to determine whether it meets the needs of the users and whether it functions as expected. The maintenance phase is the longest phase of the system- development life cycle, and it continues for as long as the system is in use.

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