What Is the PH of Apple Juice?

ph-apple-juice Credit: TOHRU MINOWA/a.collectionRF/Getty Images

The pH of apple juice ranges from 3.35 to 4, which indicates it is on the acidic side of the pH scale. Values on the pH scale that are less than 7 indicate acidity.

While apple juice is somewhat acidic, its pH indicates that it is less acidic than many other juice beverages, including lemonade (2.5 to 2.7), white cranberry juice (2.9), grapefruit juice (2.90 to 3.25) and grape juice (2.8 to 3.29). It is close in acidity to orange juice, which tends to have a pH of 3.30 to 4.19. It is less acidic than tomato juice (4.1 to 4.6) and milk (6.4 to 6.8).