What Is Perisher Blue's Vegetation?


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Perisher Blue, now called Perisher Valley, falls within the Australian Alps bioregion. Lower altitudes are dominated by eucalyptus trees. Slightly higher up are snow gum communities. At the highest altitudes, communities of heathland, grassland, herbfield and bog vegetation are found in various locations, says the Encylopedia of Earth.

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The Australian Alps biocommunities are divided into areas by elevation, starting with tableland, moving upwards to montane, into subalpine and then into alpine, which is located above 1850 meters. Most of the native tableland vegetation has been cleared, but remnants of the tableland eucalyptus forests can still be seen in places with prominent specimens of yellow box and various types of wattle.

As the elevation increases, the forest gets wetter and gums such as broadleaf peppermint and manna start to become common. Almost-pure stands of mountain ash and stringybark extend up to the treeline. Above the treeline, an assortment of shorter herbs and shrubs are found, none growing taller than a meter.

Perisher Valley was called Perisher Blue until 2009. It's located in the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, Australia. It's located within Kosciuszko National Park, and it's part of a large ski resort. The nearest large town is called Cabramurra.

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