What Percent of People Recycle?

percent-people-recycle Credit: Getty Images/Getty Images News/Getty Images

A 2007 Harris Poll shows that 75 percent of the population recycles at least some of their trash. While this number seems significant, the younger generations are recycling less, and over 150 million tons of garbage still gets dumped annually.

The Harris Poll also shows regional differences when it comes to recycling. For example, people on the coasts recycle at much higher rates than those living in Southern and Midwestern states. Thirty percent of Southerners stated that they do not recycle anything while 86 percent of people on the East Coast and 88 percent of people on the West Coast do recycle. Sixty-seven percent of Americans recycle aluminum cans, 59 percent recycle paper, 57 percent recycle plastic and just over half recycle glass.