When Do People Stop Growing?


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Boys usually stop growing at around the age of 16, while girls often stop between 14 and 15 years old. The exact time when people stop growing varies, however, and muscles may continue to grow even after a person stops growing taller.

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Humans stop growing during the final stage of puberty, which is why girls and boys stop growing at different times. There is a large natural variation in the age of puberty, so it is common for people of the same age to experience growth at different times.

For girls, the final stage of puberty usually occurs sometime after the 14th birthday. During puberty, it is common for girls to grow up to three inches per year. As with the age of puberty, however, the amount a girl grows per year varies greatly.

Boys often start the final stage of puberty around a year later than girls do. At about 15 years old, a boy's growth rate starts to slow down. It is not until around a year after the final stage of puberty begins, however, that growth is likely to stop completely. It is also common for a boy's muscles to naturally grow larger until around 18 years old.

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