Why Do People Pollute?

People pollute for a variety of reasons, such as by accident, due to a lack of effort or due to a lack of awareness about pollution’s effect on the ecosystem. From major cities and large businesses to the individual, pollution often occurs as a by-product of regular human activity.

Pollution is often unintentional. A business may leak fumes and chemicals into the air due to the way the particular industry operates. An individual’s motor vehicle may leak oil or gas without his knowledge. An oil well may explode due to unforeseen factors.

People also pollute due to laziness. Individuals sometimes throw trash away by the roadside or along the walkway instead of taking the trash to a trash can. Individuals often prefer to buy disposable items rather than re-using nondisposable items. Individuals also often overuse electricity and other resources.

People may not understand the impact of pollution on the environment, which can lead to additional intentional or unintentional pollution. Without knowing about pollution’s harmful consequences, an individual has no reason to cease polluting the Earth. Bringing a better understanding of the ecosystem to society decreases ignorant polluting as well as intentional polluting.

Much of the Earth’s pollution is a by-product of regular human activity, such as operating motor vehicles, producing electricity through power plants, and creating landfills. Individuals must restructure these processes in healthy, beneficial ways to reduce pollution.