What Are Some Parts of a Simple Telescope?


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Some parts of a simple reflector telescope are the tube assembly, eyepiece assembly, mount assembly, primary and secondary mirrors, and counterweight. Some reflector telescopes also come with a motor that rotates the telescope.

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The tube assembly is the long, tubular portion of the telescope that houses the mirrors and eyepiece. The mount assembly is responsible for supporting the tube assembly. The eyepiece assembly features a knob the user turns to focus the image and a compartment for inserting various sized eyepieces. The primary mirror receives light and then reflects it in the direction of the eyepiece.

The user slides the counterweight up and down to balance the telescope. If a telescope has a motor, it rotates the telescope one full revolution every 24 hours. The effect is that the telescope follows an object through the sky after the user directs the telescope at the object.

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