What Are the Parts of the Femur?


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Parts of the femur are the head, the neck, the trochanteric fossa, the greater trochanter and lesser trochanter, according to InnerBody The long part of the bone is called the body or diaphysis of the femur. There are also the lateral epicondyle and the medial epicondyle.

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The head of the femur is shaped somewhat like a ball and fits into the socket of the hip joint, says InnerBody. The neck is just below and to the side of the head of the femur. About 45 degrees from the neck of the femur is a mass of bone called the greater trochanter. The lesser trochanter is on the other side of the bone. These two masses of bone are the attachments of the muscles that serve the groin and the hip. They also strengthen the femur overall and enable able it to bear up under great stress.

The trochanteric fossa is a depression in the bone where the obturator externus muscle inserts, says the University of Michigan Medical School.

The end of the femur widens out to form the condyles, which meet the condyles of the tibia, or the lower leg bone, says InnerBody. They also come together to form the knee. There's a depression between the condyles, which provides space for the ligaments that support the knee.

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