What Part of the Plant Does Lettuce Come From?


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Lettuce comes from the leaf of the plant. Head lettuce plants grow large rosettes of leaves that become more tightly compact as the plant matures. Loose leaf lettuce plants grow with many leaves loosely bunched together.

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There are three distinct types of head lettuce. Crisphead or iceberg lettuce has firm heads of leaves with obvious veins. Butterhead lettuce forms softer, more pliable heads with less obvious veining. Cos lettuce grows in large, upright heads with tender, narrow leaves.

Lettuce plants are harvested before they flower and go to seed. Head lettuce is harvested by removing the head of compact leaves. Loose leaf lettuce is harvested by cutting the leaves off about an inch above the ground. Most varieties of loose leaf lettuce regrow after the initial harvest, producing several harvests from the same crop.

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