What Part of the Earth's Crust Would a Scientist Say Is Lived On?


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Humans live on the surface of the Earth's crust, mostly on the thicker continental crust that makes up the landmasses of the planet. The thickness of the crust varies by location.

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The oceanic crust, comprised of basaltic rock, ranges from 3,200 feet to 12 miles thick, and covers approximately 60 percent of the Earth's surface. The other 40 percent, made of granitic continental crust, varies in thickness from 31 to 50 miles. Generally, the crust acts as the interface between the hot, dry rock of the mantle and the air and water that covers the surface of the planet. As mantle material emerges to the surface via mid-oceanic ridges and land-bound rifts, it interacts with the surface materials to form new minerals.

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