Where Are the Paraspinal Muscles Located?

Paraspinal muscles are located next to the spine and are responsible for motor movement of the spinal column, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Paraspinal muscles coordinate movement of the spine with the rest of the skeleton. When the spine is injured, paraspinal muscles spasm to prevent movement of the injured area, thereby reducing chances of further injury.

This group of muscles is one of the reasons why humans have an upright posture. Along with leg and hip muscles, the paraspinal muscles are absolutely necessary for proper posture. Dartmouth Medical School reveals paraspinal muscles also support the legs when they move while walking. These muscles resist the downward movement of the iliac crest (upper pelvis). Without paraspinal muscles, humans would be unable to walk upright.

Paraspinal muscles are relatively small and go from the top of the neck all the way down to the pelvis. These muscle fibers allow the human body to be flexible and mobile. Common injuries in the paraspinal muscles include sprains, strains and pulls. The University of Maryland Medical Center explains these muscles go into spasms when parts of the spine such as vertebrae, discs, ligaments or other muscles become injured. Spasms are the body's defense mechanism against further damage to the spinal column.