Do Palm Trees Need Special Fertilizer?


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Palm trees thrive when given a special palm tree fertilizer. Because indoor palm trees tend to be potassium deficient, this type of fertilizer has more potassium than the usual fertilizer given to other plants.

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The best type of palm fertilizer is an 8-2-12 + 4 or 12-4-12 + 4 mix. This means that every 100 pounds of fertilizer has 8 or 12 pounds of nitrogen, 2 or 4 pounds of phosphorous, 12 pounds of potassium and 4 pounds of magnesium. The fertilizer also needs to have trace minerals such as manganese, zinc and copper, and it is better if the nitrogen, magnesium and potassium are the slow-release type.

A palm tree is best fertilized three times over the growing season.

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