How Do You Find Out When the Moon Is Full?


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The easiest way to find out when the moon is full is to consult a moon phase calendar like that on MoonConnection.com. By inputting the month and year and selecting northern or southern hemisphere, the site brings up a month-long calendar showing the moon phases.

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How Do You Find Out When the Moon Is Full?
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The search engine determines your time zone from your computer's location. The pictures on the calendar may not be exact. Even within a single time zone, the moon may look slightly different, depending on your location within that zone. For example, if you lived on the eastern end of the Pacific Time Zone, bordering the Mountain Time Zone, the moon may look slightly larger or smaller, depending on the phase.

Yearly full moon calendars are also available at websites such as Space.com. This firm lists the exact time of the moonrise, based on Eastern Standard Time and the Universal Time Clock. In the United States, it's usually easier to just subtract the right number of hours for your time zone.

Space.com also includes the individual names of each full moon. Native Americans named each moon to help keep track of the seasons. Examples include the Snow Moon in February, the Strawberry Moon in June and the Cold Moon in December.

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