How Do You Find Out About the Latest Earthquakes From USGS?


Go to the United States Geological Survey's earthquake monitoring website to find out the latest earthquake information. The USGS tracks seismic activity worldwide using many different resources and provides numerous monitoring tools to report on earthquake activity. The earthquake data is displayed on a variety of graphical maps as well as described through written reports.

In North America and Hawaii, the USGS operates the Advanced National Seismic System, which is comprised of a vast network of modern earth-based monitoring sensors and satellites. The purpose of the network is to provide immediate information regarding earthquake intensity, location and potential damage, including its impact on structures and buildings.

This data is collected at the National Earthquake Information Center in Golden, Colorado where it is processed and disseminated both online and to the media for the general public, scientists, international agencies and critical facilities.

The National Earthquake Information Center is also connected to the Global Seismographic Network of monitoring stations and satellites to collect and report earthquake information from other regions around the world. The system was formed by the agency in partnership with the National Science Foundation and the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology to create complete global coverage and reporting of seismic events. Users can access archived information on past earthquakes as well as information on currently occurring seismic events.