How Do You Find Out Where to Buy Malic Acid?


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Chemical Yellow Pages, which is an online directory for the chemicals industry, provides a comprehensive list of companies that sell malic acid. The directory includes links to company websites and contact forms for those who want to order the product.

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Malic acid is a natural component found in most fruits and vegetables. It was first extracted form apple juice by the Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele. In the human body, the compound is produced during cellular metabolism, which is fueled by the carbohydrates present in food. Malic acid provides usable energy for various bodily functions. It is also an important component in the food, medical and cosmetic industries.

As of 2015, some manufacturers of malic acid that are listed on Chemical Yellow Pages include U.S. Chemicals LCC, S and G Resources, Inc., The Chemical Company, Bartek Ingredients, Wego Chemical and Mineral Corp., KIC Chemicals, Inc. and Prinova USA. The index also includes a brief description of the companies and the malic acid products that are currently available for distribution. All products are highlighted and clickable, which provides users the option to get a direct quote for a particular product or to request for a demonstration. Users are then required to fill out the contact form of the company and indicate their specific request.

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