Are There Other Universes Out There?


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There is no definitive answer as to whether other universes exist, although many astronomers believe it is highly likely and have several theories on how or where they exist. Some people theorize that an infinite number of universes could have formed following the Big Bang, with each one having its own laws of physics.

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In the standard model, the universe rapidly expanded following the Big Bang in a process known as inflation, which scientists have been able to find evidence of by studying what's known as cosmic microwave background. As the universe is still expanding in some places and not in others, they theorize that alternate universes could have been created in the areas where inflation suddenly stopped. Astronomer Stephen Feeney from University College London says he has evidence that our universe was bumped into by one of these alternate universes at least four separate times, although this hasn't been fully substantiated.

Other physicists have a completely different theory about where these multiple alternate universes exist. Instead of each being in a separate location, they think there is an infinite number of alternate realities existing simultaneously within one location. Their theory suggests this reality is just one universe within a basically infinite multiverse, although no one has yet been able to present any evidence of this.

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