What Are Other Names for Cytosol?


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Cytosol is also known as intracellular fluid and hyaloplasm. It is a complex substance that makes up the liquid portion of the cytoplasm of cells.

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It is not uncommon for people to get cytosol and cytoplasm confused because their names are similar and they essentially do the same thing. The important thing for anyone who is studying the structure of cells to note is that cytoplasm makes up the space in between different parts of cells. while cytosol helps make up the cytoplasm. Cytoplasm is made of several different components, but the intracellular fluid, known as cytosol, only accounts for the liquid portion of the substance.

The actual makeup of cytosol contains 70 percent water. The water is used to help aid in functions of the cell and can help eliminate other substances that are in the cytosol, in the cytoplasm and throughout the entire cell. Cytosol can help dissolve components that do not need to be in the cell and is essential for many chemical reactions that occur within the cell. Without the cytosol making up the cytoplasm, the cell would be unable to function and would cease to exist.

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