What Are the OSHA Chemical Storage Guidelines?


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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires the containment of hazardous materials to protect the environment and workers; those items must be contained in a drum or containment system based on the chemical's requirements, according to Safety Info. When there are flammable or combustible liquids, the OSHA requires that the transfer or movement of those liquids takes place outside the other operational areas of the business or be performed behind a fire wall.

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Under all drums, there should be drip pans to catch leaks, according to Safety Info. Large-diameter funnels must be used to transfer liquid chemicals if they are to be transferred. Drum covers are required when the chemicals are stored outside; those drum covers must protect the integrity of the drum to prevent leaks and spills.

Safety cans may be used to hold certain chemicals. These cans must hold no more than five gallons of a substance, states Safety Info. For example, fuel oil can be held in a safety can made of stainless steel, polyethylene or galvanized steel. On the other hand, methylene chloride can only be stored in a stainless steel container.

Flammable and combustible liquids must be contained in tanks or closed containers with lids, reports Safety Info. They should be covered whenever they are not in use.

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