What Organs Does the Pelvis Protect?

The pelvis protects the reproductive organs, rectum, bladder and anal canal. The pelvic cavity is located at the bottom of the abdominal region. The pelvis consists of different bones, including the two hip bones, sacrum and coccyx.

The pelvis can be further subdivided into two regions called the greater and lesser pelvis. The function of the greater pelvis, which is also called the false pelvis, is to support the ileum and sigmoid colon that are part of the gastrointestinal system. The lesser pelvis is called the true pelvis, and it contains the sacrum, coccyx, rectum and reproductive organs.

The pelvis is the transition point in the body where the upper body and lower extremities meet. Besides protecting the organs found in the abdominopelvic region, the pelvis is also important for the transfer of weight from the upper skeletal body to the lower limbs.