What Organizations Offer Free Trees to the Public?

The Arbor Day Foundation, MillionTreesNYC and TreePhilly are some organizations that offer free trees to the public. Free tree programs are available in many major cities throughout the United States via the local or city government.

The Arbor Day Foundation, a nationwide nonprofit, gives ten free trees to anyone who joins their organization and signs up for their free tree plan. Free trees can also be sent to others upon request.

The MillionTreesNYC program is run by the New York Restoration Project. People seeking a tree from the project must plant it within the five boroughs making up the city and place it in a yard, not on public land or on terraces, balconies or roof tops.

TreePhilly provides free trees upon request to owners of property within Philadelphia. The trees are planted on sidewalks in front of urban buildings. This program is run by the Philadelphia Department of Parks & Recreation.

TreeBaltimore is a similar program to Philadelphia’s. Owners can request that a tree be planted for free in front of their property. This program is run by the City of Baltimore in tandem with a large number of nonprofits and governmental agencies at various levels.