How Do Organelles Work Together?

Michigan State University's Mr. Potter's Website notes that organelles work together within a cell to promote overall cellular health and growth. Each organelle within a eukaryotic cell performs a specific function in relation to the others to keep the cell healthy and moving.

Mr. Potter's Website explains that organelle function differs between plants and animals. While plants have chloroplasts, a cell wall and a central vacuole, animals do not have any of these organelles. The website also describes the processes in which organelles carry out their duties as being very similar to the way organs function in the human body: Each one carries out a different set of responsibilities to keep the person alive.

From protein distribution to energy consumption and waste disposal, organelles are constantly working in tandem, so the cell can perform its specified duty.'s Scitable explains that each mitochondria organelle works to break down food molecules and uses them for energy to fuel the cell, while the endoplasmic reticulum not only transports proteins throughout the cell but constructs protective membranes as well. Each organelle has a targeted function within its cell type that makes it indispensable; however, some organelles such as the mitochondria serve more important functions than others.