What Is the Ordinal Number for the Month of March?

ordinal-number-month-march Credit: Justin Alfree/E+/Getty Images

The ordinal number for the month of March is third. March is the third month of the year in both the Julian and Gregorian calendars.

An ordinal number is a word used to represent a position in sequential order, while a cardinal number is used to represent quantity. Aside from being spelled out, ordinal numbers can also be written with numerals and letter suffixes, such as "1st," "2nd" and "3rd."

Both the Gregorian and Julian calendars consist of 12 months. January is the first, February is the second, April is the fourth, May is the fifth, June is the sixth, July is the seventh, August is the eighth, September is the ninth, October is the tenth, November is the eleventh, and December is the twelfth.