What Are Some Options for Recycling Pop Tabs?


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Ways to recycle pop tabs include collecting and dropping them off at local aluminum recycling plants, using a curbside collection service, or taking them to a local recycling center. Pop tabs are made of aluminum, one of the easiest metals to recycle, and are often collected exclusively by charities and nonprofits due to their convenient size and ease of access.

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Persistent online rumors insist that recycling pop tabs is more profitable than recycling aluminium cans, but both items are equally profitable since both are made of the same material. Pop tabs and other easily recycled aluminum products are in high demand since recycling companies can easily smelt them, pour them into ingots, and ship the ingots to manufacturing companies for quick reuse. Generally, it takes about 1,300 pop tabs or 34 empty soda cans to make 1 pound of aluminum.

Recycling pop tabs as well as other types of metal is an excellent way to address the high rate of waste in landfills. It can take as few as 60 days for a soda can to go from recycling to a new and usable can. Online resources and websites, like Earth911.com, can assist with locating recycling centers and drop-off locations across the United States.

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