How Do You Operate a Kienzle Grandfather Clock?


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Antique grandfather clocks need to be wound up regularly. TickTockTony says to pull slowly on the chain to wind the clock. Some clocks need a key or crank turned to wind it instead. Look for the winding points, which are most commonly found on the dial. Usually, there are two different winding points. Once the clock is wound, push the pendulum to start the clock moving.

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If the clock is not operating properly after winding, The John Shone collection suggests to make sure the clock is as level as possible. Insert shims under the case if necessary. Make sure that the gut lines are still on the winding barrels and that the pendulum can swing freely. Check that the weights are hanging free and not getting caught up on the frame or the pendulum as they move through their full cycle. If the clock isn't making a clicking noise during the winding process, the tongue-paul spring is either disengaged or broken. Once the clock is producing a steady tick-tock beat, it is running correctly. To set the clock to the correct time, day and moon-phase, gently move the hands or indicators clockwise until they reach the correct point. Never turn them backwards.

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