How Does One Read a Syringe?


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The calibrations on a syringe begin from the needle side and are marked in a consistent increment dependent on the size of the syringe, notes the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Read the measurement using the side of the plunger closest to the needle.

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For a 1 milliliter, or mL, tuberculin syringe, the markings are in 0.01 increments. For a generic 1 mL syringe, the calibrations are labeled in 0.1 mL increments. For an insulin syringe, each graduation is labeled as units. A 3 mL syringe is calibrated in 0.1 mL increments. Both 5 and 10 mL syringes are given in 0.2 mL increments, according to the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

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