How Old Is the Universe's Oldest Known Star?


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Stargazers know that the stars have celebrated many more birthdays than humans can even imagine, but just how many birthdays is truly astronomical. As of 2015, the oldest known star in the universe is 14.3 billion years old. By comparison, our solar system’s sun is a youthful 4.56 billions years old.

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How Old Is the Universe's Oldest Known Star?
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The age of the oldest star, officially known as HD 140283, is actually impossible, since current scientific evidence shows that the universe is 13.82 billion years old. But scientists agree that although HD 140283 may actually be slightly younger than its current determined age, the star offers the most reliable age measurement of stars thus far. As new evidence becomes available, scientists continue to reassess the ages of the oldest stars in relation to the universe’s age.

HD 140283 is nicknamed Methusaleh, which is also the name given to the second-oldest living tree on earth. Methusaleh refers to a figure from the Bible who lived to be 969 years old.

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