How Do You Obtain a Universal EPA Certification?

To obtain a Universal EPA certification, pass the universal test that contains 100 questions, which include 25 general questions and 75 equally split among the three sectors, Type I, Type II and Type III. With the universal EPA certification you can service all HVAC appliances.

The US Environmental Protection Agency requires every technician to be certified before performing repair, disposal or maintenance of any appliance containing refrigerant chemicals. There are four forms of certification: Type I to service small appliances, Type II to service high and very-high pressure appliances, Type III to service low-pressure appliances, and Universal to service all types of appliances. Since the Universal EPA Certification test contains questions from Type II and Type III certifications, it is a closed-book proctored exam.

To prepare for the test, go to an organization approved by the EPA to offer EPA Technician Certification. The training covers EPA rules and regulations, ozone depletion, the Montreal protocol, DOT cylinders, refrigerants, leak detection, refrigerant oils, recycling and recovering, and servicing different kinds of appliances. The training also helps you understand the effect of refrigerants, such as CFCs, HFCs and HCFCs, on the environment, as well as the importance of the legislation such as the Refrigerant Recycling Rule.