What Are Some Obscure Animals?


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Some obscure animals are the solenodon, the tenrec, the marsupial mole, the red uakari, caecilians and the sea pig. Others include a type of pig known as the babirusa, a type of dog-like mongoose called the fossa and the kultarr and the eastern quoll, both of which are marsupials native to Australian.

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The solenodon is a rat-sized, long-nosed insectivore that is one of the few venomous mammals. The two species of solenodon are the Hispaniola and the Cuban. Both are endangered.

The tenrec is another shrew-like insectivore that's native to Madagascar. Like the solenodon, it uses its long nose to sniff out prey. It also has porcupine-like spines in its neck. When threatened, it erects the spines, jumps and bites.

The marsupial mole is native to Australia. It is a flat-bodied creature with silky fur and huge, spade-like claws for digging. Because it spends so much time underground, its eyes are vestigial and the marsupial pouch opens backwards to avoid getting dirt inside.

The red uakari is the only monkey to have a short tail. It has a red, skull-like face. It's native to Brazil.

Caecilians are the third class of amphibians behind frogs and salamanders. They have neither arms nor legs. They often resemble slimy snakes or worms.

The sea pig is an echinoderm that lives in the depths of the sea.

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