What Are Some Notable Innovations in Energy Science?


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Notable innovations in energy science include large wind turbines and a technology that harvests energy produced by wood and charcoal stoves. An additional innovation in energy science harvests the power of a pendulum to create electric power.

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Large wind turbines harvest more energy than small wind turbines. In addition, wind turbines placed in the ocean strategically maximize the earth's space in a way that produces clean, renewable energy. Software developments also help scientists place turbines in locations that produce optimum energy.

In addition, the VOTO device, created by Point Source Power, turns the energy from a wood or charcoal fire into electricity. The energy then powers small electronic devices such as a phone or flashlight. This technology is helpful for backpackers as well as those in developing countries.

Called SOCCKET, another innovation in energy uses the gravitational energy of a pendulum to harvest electricity. The company Uncharted Play makes the device in the form of a soccer ball. As the ball is used for play, the device stores enough energy to power a small light.

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